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Aged Care Research

Improving oral health for aged care residents just an app away

Australian Catholic University health researchers will develop a new app-based protocol to improve the oral health and wellbeing of aged care residents, thanks to a $210,000 grant from Aged Care Research & Industry Innovation Australia.

Aged Care

Industry body calls for wealthy Australians to pay more for aged care

Older Australians living in aged care should pay for their everyday expenses if they can afford to, in order to ensure the sector remains sustainable, says a peak industry body said. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care Homelessness

Catholic organisations unite to support older men at risk of homelessness

Two Melbourne Catholic organisations plan to merge in order to increase their reach to support older men at risk of homelessness. Source: VMCH.

Aged Care

Positive nursing figures reinforce Government’s vision for health care

Catholic Health Australia has applauded the results of the first month of reporting on the Commonwealth’s 24/7 aged care registered nursing requirements.

Aged Care

Taskforce calls for new levy to help pay for aged care

All taxpayers must stump up more, potentially through a new levy, and wealthier older Australians will need to dip into their private savings to lift the quality of aged care, a new proposal put to the Albanese Government warns. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

Wealthy Australians likely to pay more for aged care

Older Australians who can afford to are likely to be paying more for their nursing home accommodation and everyday living expenses after a key aged care taskforce reached broad consensus on the policy change. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

Aged care providers say Government must reimburse COVID expenditure

Amid a sector-wide crisis in financial sustainability, Catholic Health Australia says aged care providers are still wondering when hundreds of millions of dollars of emergency COVID expenses will be reimbursed.

Aged Care Disability

Café serves up intergenerational fun for residents, trainees and children

A unique social enterprise café on Victoria’s surf coast has become a thriving community hub for aged care residents, trainees with disability and young customers. Source: VMCH.

Aged Care

Construction of $42m aged care home begins with ground-breaking ceremony

Rockhampton Bishop Michael McCarthy yesterday blessed the start of construction on Mercy Haven, a $42 million aged care home facility in Rockhampton. Source: Mercy Connect.