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Coronavirus Politics

Senate committee calls for royal commission into pandemic response

The Senate committee examining Australia’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has recommended the establishment of a royal commission, arguing the case for a full-blown inquiry with investigative powers is “overwhelming”. Source: The Guardian.

Coronavirus Religion

UK studies claim religion may have helped during COVID-19 

Religious people may have coped better during the coronavirus pandemic than those without a spiritual faith, researchers from the United Kingdom have claimed. Source: BBC News.

Coronavirus Refugees

Asylum-seekers and refugees ‘already in lockdown’ when COVID hit

An Australian Catholic University study of asylum-seekers and refugees in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic found that their experiences intensified domestic partner violence and financial stress.

Coronavirus Religious Freedom

Force used on religious groups violating COVID-19 worship restriction

A new Pew Research Centre analysis finds that nearly a quarter of 198 countries and territories analysed used police and government force on religious groups who disobeyed COVID-19 worship restrictions. Source: The Christian Post.


CHA: Nobody should be left behind in future pandemics

Catholic Health Australia says Peter Shergold’s findings about the way Australia handled the COVID pandemic reminds society of its duty to look after the most vulnerable.


Pandemic response ‘failed the most vulnerable’

An independent review of Australia’s COVID-19 reponse has found ill-conceived policies and excessive lockdowns failed to protect the old, disregarded the young and abandoned some of the nation’s most disadvantaged communities. Source: The Age.


Policy failures have lasting effect on essential workers

Government bungles during the pandemic had a lasting effect on essential workers including lost careers, reduced incomes and greater exposure to COVID-19 at work, a new report by Australian Catholic University and the United Workers Union finds. (ACU)