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Coronavirus Religion

UK studies claim religion may have helped during COVID-19 

Religious people may have coped better during the coronavirus pandemic than those without a spiritual faith, researchers from the United Kingdom have claimed. Source: BBC News.

Human Rights Media Religion

Religious affairs category added to journalism’s Kennedy Awards

The national Kennedy Awards for outstanding journalism has introduced a new category, acknowledging the important role that human rights, day-to-day social issues and religion play in society.

Education Religion

Illuminate project lights the way for religious education

A religious education project operating in some Toowoomba Catholic schools is “lighting the way” for teachers to foster the religious life of their school.

Religion Uncategorised

Church of England to consider using gender-neutral terminology to refer to God

The Church of England will explore the use of gender-neutral terms to refer to God in prayers but says there are no plans to abolish current services. Source: ABC News.

Religion United Kingdom

Christians in England and Wales fall below 50 per cent

Less than half of the population of England and Wales described themselves as “Christian” in the 2021 census, according to the results published yesterday. Source: The Tablet.


AFL club CEO stands down over Christian beliefs

Former banking boss Andrew Thorburn believes his “personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square” after his 30-hour stint as chief executive of the AFL’s Essendon club came crashing down. Source: The Australian.