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Abbot rejects ’emergency’ talk in favour of language of grace

Prominent Benedictine monk Abbot Christopher Jamison was in Sydney recently to explore some of the themes of his new book about grace and language, and how the two play a key role in public and private discourse today. Source: The Good Oil.

Education Spirituality

Offering spiritual direction to teachers could transform Catholic schools

Catholic schools have become a more diverse workforce, prompting many learning communities to introduce meaningful formation opportunities that enable all teachers to participate in enhancing the mission of the Catholic school. Source: The Catholic Leader.

First Nations Spirituality

Retreat to bring together Aboriginal and Benedictine spirituality

Having read an article years ago on the similarities of Aboriginal spirituality and early Christian desert spirituality, Benedictine Sister Antonia Curtis dreamed of creating a retreat bringing the two together. Source: Catholic Outlook.

Formation Spirituality

Spiritual directors helping people ‘pay attention’ to God in their lives

A growing number of people are being formed to become spiritual directors, with Australian Catholic University now offering their courses online, making them even more widely available.

Education HIgher Education Spirituality

Program boosts trainee teachers’ spirituality and skills

Australian Catholic University pre-service teachers taking part in a comprehensive mentoring program have experienced a significant drop in anxiety and dramatically improved their Catholic and spiritual literacy, new research shows.