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First Nations

Voters back giving Indigenous Australians a say in policy that affects them: Survey

A large majority of voters still back Indigenous constitutional recognition and giving First Nations Australians a say in developing policies that affect them, even after the resounding defeat of the Voice to Parliament, according to a new survey. Source: The Guardian.

First Nations Safeguarding

Picturing the Church’s commitment to creating safe spaces

A new Indigenous artwork that tells the story of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd and its commitment to creating safe spaces for everyone has been unveiled by ACSL.

First Nations Religious

‘Our commitment to the journey of reconciliation remains steadfast’

Catholic Religious Australia says it remains committed to the “journey of reconciliation” with First Nations Australians following the unsuccessful attempt to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the Constitution.

First Nations Opinion

NATSICC calls for new way forward after Voice outcome

An unsuccessful outcome to the Voice to Parliament referendum is just another challenge that will be faced with dignity, respect and without losing hope, a statement from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council says.

First Nations Politics

PM says referendum defeat ‘not the end of the road’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to forge a new way to close the gap in life outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians after voters resoundingly rejected enshrining a Voice to Parliament in the Constitution. Source: ABC News.

First Nations Reaction

Catholic Church says referendum result should usher in new era

Despite the referendum to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Constitution not succeeding, Australia needs to find a way to address the inequalities many First Nations people face, says Bishop Charles Gauci. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

First Nations Politics

Campaigns make final sprint on eve of Voice vote

The Yes and No camps are gearing up for the final full day of campaigning before Australians cast their votes tomorrow on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum. Source: Canberra Times.

First Nations Prayer

Online prayer and reflection service to be held before Voice vote

An online prayer and reflection service will be held tomorrow, ahead of Saturday’s referendum on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Source: NATSICC.

First Nations

Almost one million early votes cast in Voice referendum

Almost one million people have already voted in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum, prompting questions as to whether Australia will know the result of the national poll on the night of October 14. Source: