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First Nations Opinion

Time to learn lessons of Voice referendum failure: Fr Frank Brennan

The Voice to Parliament referendum result was a disaster for the country and a tragedy for First Australians. It’s time to confront what went wrong before we all start forgetting what really went on, writes Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Source: The Australian.

Bishops First Nations

Church has pivotal role to play in ongoing journey of reconciliation

The journey to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples is not easy, but the Catholic Church remains hopeful of healing. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

First Nations Liturgy

Bishops approve Mass of the Land of the Holy Spirit 

Australia’s Catholic bishops have approved a liturgy that incorporates elements of Aboriginal language and culture. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

Education First Nations

Toowoomba to host First Nations Education Conference in 2025

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission will hold its next First Nations Education Conference in Toowoomba in 2025. Source: Toowoomba Catholic Schools.

First Nations Victoria

Catholic Church’s history with Aboriginal people ‘predominantly positive’

Melbourne Archbishop Peter A Comensoli yesterday told a Victorian truth-telling inquiry that the Catholic Church’s history with Aboriginal people was predominantly positive. Source: Yahoo News.

First Nations

Churches to face truth-telling inquiry into Aboriginal injustice

Representatives from the Catholic, Anglican and Uniting churches are expected to face a public hearing at a Victorian truth-telling inquiry today as it focuses on land injustices against Aboriginal people. Source: Yahoo News.

First Nations Schools

Catholic schools support program for Indigenous students

Michael Nayler says it is great to see so many Catholic secondary schools are part of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation program, which supports student educational costs in year 11 and 12. Source: The Catholic Leader.

First Nations Housing

Federal and NT governments announce $4b remote housing agreement

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has unveiled a $4 billion remote housing package for the Northern Territory, aimed at building hundreds of homes in Indigenous communities over the coming decade. Source: ABC News.

Environment First Nations Religious

Call for more protections for First Nations’ ‘Sea Country’

Catholic Religious Australia has expressed concern that current laws fail to adequately safeguard First Nations’ cultural heritage in marine areas.