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Education Family Violence Western Australia

Catholic schools to be included in program after $1.5m funding boost 

A school-based program that promotes gender equality and targets toxic masculinity will receive a $1.5 million funding boost to allow its expansion in Western Australia’s Catholic and other non-government schools. Source: The West Australian.

Religious Freedom Western Australia

WA delays laws on religious schools’ employment practices

Laws barring religious schools in Western Australia from discriminating against gay teachers have been delayed and could be shelved in the wake of the Cook Government’s repealed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act. Source: The West Australian. 

Abortion Western Australia

Reforms to WA’s abortion laws pass

Reforms to Western Australia’s abortion laws have passed the state’s Parliament, including removing the need for women to be referred for an abortion by a doctor. Source: ABC News.

Safeguarding Western Australia

Archbishop Costelloe testifies before WA abuse inquiry

Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB testified yesterday before an inquiry into the options available to survivors of institutional child sexual abuse in Western Australia who are seeking justice. Source: ABC News.

Architecture Western Australia

New foundation aims to rejuvenate regional areas

The John Hawes Foundation, which aims to rejuvenate regional areas and enhance community wellbeing, was launched recently at St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton, Western Australia. Source: The eRecord.

Abortion Western Australia

Push to retain mandatory counselling for women seeking abortion in WA

A West Australian Liberal MP has indicated she will oppose removing mandatory counselling for women seeking abortion in a bill to reform the state’s laws, while another has indicated support for a pro-life Labor MP’s amendments. Source: The West Australian.

Abortion Western Australia

WA bill would allow under 16s abortions without parental consent

Teenagers under the age of 16 in Western Australia would be allowed to seek an abortion without the permission of a parent or guardian under a major bill set to be introduced this week. Source:

Religious Orders Western Australia

Tiny town big on Benedictine hospitality

Western Australia’s monastery town, New Norcia, has made it to the last stage of the state’s Tiny Tourism Town award. Source: The Record.

Abuse crisis Western Australia

WA religious ministers must report abuse

Ministers of religion in Western Australia are now legally required to report child sexual abuse, including information from confessions. Source: AAP.