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African bishops appeal for help after deadly cyclone

After a deadly tropical cyclone ripped through southern Africa, killing more than 400 people at last count, the Catholic bishops of the region are calling for help to allow those affected to “restore their lost human dignity”. Source: Crux.

Africa Persecution

Bishop shares plight of Christians in northern Nigeria

Christians are living “under bondage” in northern Nigeria, according to a local bishop in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, where the predominantly Muslim north meets the predominantly Christian south. Source: Crux.

Africa Persecution

Priests, laity describe violent attacks in Nigeria

A new Aid to the Church in Need report has detailed first-hand testimonies of Catholic faithful who have survived torture, kidnappings and massacres at the hands of Nigerian terrorists. Source: National Catholic Register.

Africa Ecology

Bank accounts for 10,000 seedlings in Kenya

A Catholic diocese has teamed up with the largest bank in East Africa to restore degraded forests in Kenya. Source: NCR Online.

Africa Sacraments

Sharing secrets behind highest Mass attendance in the world

After Nigeria was recognised as having the highest Mass attendance in the world, the African nation’s youngest cardinal has shared some of the secrets behind his country’s vibrant sacramental life. Source: CNA.

Africa Pope Francis

Pope’s presence ‘strengthened desire for peace’ in South Sudan

Brisbane Franciscan Father Mario Debattista said there was electricity in the crowd at Pope Francis’ Mass in Juba, South Sudan, on Sunday. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Africa Ecumenism Pope Francis

Pope leads ecumenical prayer service in South Sudan

In one of his final events in South Sudan, Pope Francis led an ecumenical prayer service with other Christian leaders on Saturday, stressing the need to join forces in promoting peace and addressing the country’s other crippling problems. Source: Crux.

Africa Pope Francis

The future is in your hands, Pope tells young people in Congo

On his third day in the Congolese capital, Pope Francis met with 65,000 young people and catechists, saying it’s up to them to build a better future by rooting themselves in community, prayer and service. Source: Crux.

Africa Papal Trip

Christians must break cycle of violence, Francis tells Congo

Pope Francis made a rallying cry for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo as he celebrated Mass for more than one million people and strongly condemned those profiting from violence in the country. Source: The Tablet.