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Bishops Holy Land

Archbishop Pizzaballa will be first resident cardinal in Jerusalem

Cardinal-designate Pierbattista Pizzaballa says his elevation to the rank of cardinal means the Mother Church of Jerusalem has acquired a voice in the life of the Church. Source: OSV News.

Archaeology Holy Land

Church of the Holy Sepulchre revealing more of its secrets

Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of the holiest places in the world for Christians and an important pilgrimage site since the fourth century, is revealing more of its secrets. Source: CNA.

Holy Land

Christians in Holy Land want their rights respected: Patriarch

Cardinal-elect Pierbattista Pizzaballa has spoken about the surge of attacks against Christians by Israeli extremists, saying Christians in the Holy Land don’t want special protection, but do want their fundamental rights to be ensured. Source: Vatican News.

Holy Land

Conference investigates violence against Christians in Holy Land

A stained-glass window of the Cenacle, the traditional location of the Last Supper, was shattered by a rock thrown by unknown vandals last week, one of many incidents of violence on Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. Source. OSV News.

Holy Land

Christian leaders lament rise in Holy Land violence ahead of Easter

With tensions in Israel increasing as the Easter holiday approaches, Christian leaders in the country have lamented an uptick in violence and made an appeal to national leaders to collaborate and put an end to discrimination. Source: Crux.