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As Caritas Australia mourns the death of a colleague in Gaza, it is calling for a permanent ceasefire in the conflict. (Caritas Australia Facebook)

Caritas Australia is mourning the loss of another colleague from the Caritas Network who was killed in a bombing in Gaza. 

The 35-year-old Caritas Jerusalem pharmacy worker, a widower and father of three, was killed, alongside his two sons, his mother, sister, and brother, while his three-year-old daughter survived. Other family members and residents remain trapped under the rubble.

Having worked as a pharmacist for Caritas since 2019, he had previously been stationed at the Gaza Health Centre and sought refuge in what was deemed a secure location.

“We hold our partners in Gaza in our hearts today, thinking of those who lost their lives in this bombardment, and those who have survived only to feel the heavy weight of grief,” Kirsty Robertson, CEO of Caritas Australia, said.

“We pray for an end to the violence, and for human suffering to stop, calling on the community to join us in prayer and raise their voices for peace.”

Caritas Australia is calling for a lasting ceasefire that restores human dignity.

Details: Petition and Gaza appeal


Caritas Australia mourns the tragic loss of a colleague and his family in Gaza (Caritas Australia)