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Modern Slavery

Be a Good Egg in fight against slavery and child labour

A justice-based chocolate revolution has been sweeping through schools, parishes and communities in Australia in the days leading up to Easter, with people buying slavery-free certified Easter eggs to avoid chocolate that may have been produced using child labour. Source: ACRATH

Human Rights Modern Slavery

Slavery survivor who became a campaigner wins Freedom Award

Modern slavery survivor Moe Turaga has been presented with a 2023 Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Award in recognition of his work as a survivor advocate. Source: Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network.

Modern Slavery

Catholics attend event to mark milestone in fight against modern slavery

The Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network was represented at an event convened by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to mark the 10th anniversary of royal assent of modern slavery offences in Australia’s criminal code.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

Students respond to Pope Francis’ call

Australian and New Zealand Catholic secondary school students are responding to a call from Pope Francis to be the changemakers in the struggle against human trafficking. Source: ACRATH. 

Modern Slavery Opinion

Catholic organisations unite in battle to end modern slavery

The fight to end slavery demands patience, perseverance and courage from everyone, writes John McCarthy. Source: The Catholic Weekly. 

Health Modern Slavery

Catholic Health Australia wants national anti-slavery watchdog

Catholic Health Australia is calling on the Albanese Government to establish an independent anti-slavery commissioner as part of reforms to improve the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Modern Slavery

Federal police act on human trafficking as cases surge

Federal police have blocked 53 people from entering into forced marriages, being made to leave Australia against their will and enduring domestic servitude in the past year. Source: The Australian.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

Church in Australia ‘making a difference’ in fight against modern slavery

Today is the United Nations International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Globally, Catholics have been called by Pope Francis to take action to end all forms of modern slavery. Source: Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

Catholic organisations call on Government to beef up modern slavery law

Catholic organisations have called for laws to be strengthened in submissions to a Commonwealth review into the operation of the Modern Slavery Act.