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Modern Slavery Politics

ACAN advocacy wins bipartisan support for slavery survivors 

Advocates for the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network have won key amendments to Commonwealth legislation to give victim-survivors a voice in the national response to modern slavery.

Modern Slavery Reflection

‘Survivor voices’  follow in the footsteps of St Josephine Bakhita

The life of the slavery survivor who became a saint is a model for improving the lives of modern slavery victims, writes Moe Turaga. Source: Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network.

Modern Slavery

ACAN says anti-slavery commissioner must have power and resources

The Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network is calling for an independent Australian anti-slavery commissioner with the power and resources to do their job effectively.

Modern Slavery

Schools urged to be on lookout for signs of forced marriage

Federal police are calling on schools across the country to keep an eye out for the warning signs of forced marriage in a renewed bid to disrupt human trafficking in Australia. Source: ABC News.

Modern Slavery

CHA endorses move to establish anti-slavery commissioner

Catholic Health Australia has endorsed the Albanese Government’s move to establish an Anti-Slavery Commissioner under a bill introduced to Parliament last week.

Modern Slavery

ACAN welcomes legislation to establish an Anti-Slavery Commissioner

The Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network has welcomed the introduction of legislation by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus yesterday to establish an Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

Modern Slavery

Australians take part in key modern slavery events in Europe

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the Australian embassy to the Holy See recently partnered with Walk Free and the Global Freedom Network to convene a modern slavery event in Rome. Source: ACAN.

Modern Slavery Saints

Christians are called to fight every form of slavery: Pope

Inspired by the dignity of each human being as revealed by Jesus, Christians are called to fight “every form of slavery”, whether physical, social or spiritual, Pope Francis said. Source: OSV News.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

ACRATH pushes politicians for compensation scheme for modern slavery survivors

A delegation from Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) is this week embarking on its annual advocacy visit to Parliament House in Canberra.