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United Kingdom

British cardinal offers prayers for King Charles III after cancer diagnosis

British Cardinal Vincent Nichols offered prayers for King Charles III after Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that the King would step away from some public duties amid treatment for cancer. Source: CNA.

Saints United Kingdom

UK bishops elevate St Winefride’s Well to national shrine status

The bishops of England and Wales have elevated St Winefride’s Well to the status of a national shrine. Source: Catholic Herald.

Africa United Kingdom

UK Catholic charities welcome court ruling against refugee transfer plan

Catholic charities in the United Kingdom are among those who have welcomed yesterday’s Supreme Court decision against the British Government’s plans to transfer people seeking asylum to Rwanda. Source: The Tablet.

United Kingdom

Baby Indi dies after court orders life support be switched off

Indi Gregory, the British girl whose parents battled the British courts to have her life support extended, died yesterday. Source: OSV News.

United Kingdom

Pope prays for British baby as life support withdrawn

Pope Francis is praying for baby Indi Gregory and her family as the critically ill British infant’s life support was withdrawn this weekend by a United Kingdom court order. Source: CNA.

Marriage United Kingdom

Bishop claims marriage ‘disappearing’ in Britain

An English Catholic bishop says the shrinking number of marriages in Britain is causing negative social consequences, the implications of which are only beginning to be worked out, not least for the wellbeing of children. Source: Crux.

History United Kingdom

Crucifix of priest executed after Gunpowder Plot goes on display in UK convent

A crucifix that once belonged to a priest executed after England’s notorious Gunpowder Plot is on display in the country’s oldest operating convent, in the northern city of York. Source: Crux.

United Kingdom

Isle of Man to get its first Catholic cathedral

The Isle of Man, a small British Crown Dependency located between Ireland and Great Britain, will receive a Catholic cathedral for the first time in the predominantly Anglican island’s history. Source: Crux.

Bioethics United Kingdom

UK court denies teenager’s wish to fight for her life

A Catholic bioethics institute in the United Kingdom has criticised a court for denying an “alert and conscious” teenager the legal right to fight a move to put her on end-of-life care against her will. Source: OSV News.