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Euthanasia United Kingdom

UK Catholic bishops join other faith leaders to oppose euthanasia bills

Catholic bishops in the United Kingdom have joined forces with other faith leaders to oppose legislation that would introduce voluntary euthanasia as part of end-of-life care. Source: Catholic World Report.

United Kingdom

Pomp and pageantry but heart of Charles’ coronation was religious ceremony 

Britain’s new monarch King Charles III and his wife Queen Camilla were crowned on Saturday at Westminster Abbey, London, in a religious ceremony rich with ancient traditions and pageantry. Source: Vatican News.

Ecumenism United Kingdom

Britain’s Catholics prepare for king’s upcoming coronation

When King Charles III is crowned on Saturday, it will be an opportunity to reaffirm Christianity’s place in public affairs, including the presence of Britain’s small but significant Catholic minority. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis United Kingdom

Pope gifts True Cross relic to King Charles

Pope Francis has given King Charles III a relic of the True Cross of Jesus as a personal gift ahead of the King’s coronation next month. Source: The Tablet.

Migrants United Kingdom

UK bishops emphasise dignity in new document on migrants 

The bishops of England and Wales have published a document on the Catholic response to refugees and migrants, days after the bishops conference’s lead on the subject criticised the British Government’s Illegal Migration Bill. Source: The Tablet.

United Kingdom

Catholic Church pledges support to King Charles ahead of coronation

England’s Cardinal Vincent Nichols has pledged the Church’s “support and prayers” to King Charles III ahead of his May 6 coronation, as the new monarch praised the work of faith communities in national life. Source: OSV News.

Europe United Kingdom

Scotland’s bishops defend religion in public life

Scotland’s bishops have called out the country’s political parties for “removing the of conscience from their parliamentarians on votes involving contentious moral issues”. Source: Crux.

United Kingdom

British diocese reeling after launch of four inquiries

England’s Hexham and Newcastle Diocese is in turmoil after four inquiries, including one by the Vatican, have been launched into what happened there during the tenure of its former bishop, Robert Byrne. Source: The Tablet.

Marriage United Kingdom

Church of England proposes blessing of same-sex unions, but no marriage

The Church of England has rejected calls to allow clergy to conduct same-sex marriages but is proposing that couples who married in a civil ceremony may have their union blessed in church. Source: Guardian Australia.