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New South Wales

Minns delays gay conversion laws after pleas for more consultation

The NSW Labor Government has abandoned its promise to introduce new laws this year to outlaw gay conversion practices after church groups and LGBTQ advocates pleaded for more time to ensure the “sensitive” legislation strikes the right balance. Source: SMH.

New South Wales

NSW to clamp down on threats and incitement of violence based on race or religion

The New South Wales Government will “streamline and strengthen” laws to clamp down on threats and incitement of violence based on race or religion, following an outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents since Hamas’ October 7 attacks. Source: The Australian.

New South Wales

NSW beefs up anti-discrimination laws with $100,000 fine

People in New South Wales can now be fined up to $100,000 if they religiously vilify someone, with the Minns Government amending existing anti-discrimination laws. Source: SBS News.

Gambling New South Wales

Number of pokies in NSW cashless trial to jump from 500 to 5000

The New South Wales Government’s trial of cashless gaming will involve 10 times as many poker machines as initially promised after the independent panel overseeing gaming reform was swamped with venues wanting to take part. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Health New South Wales Palliative Care

Doctor warns palliative care appointments could be cancelled amid cuts

New South Wales’ local health districts will be forced to reduce their planned spending on palliative care after the state Labor Government cut the budget for end-of-life care by $150 million. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

New South Wales Religious Freedom

NSW to establish ‘milestone’ advisory faith council

Religious leaders will use a “milestone” faith council to push New South Wales Premier Chris Minns for stronger protections for religious freedom, amendments to euthanasia laws and better outcomes for their communities. Source: The Australian.

Education New South Wales

Principals want review of Scripture classes in NSW public schools

Principals are pushing for an urgent review of religious education in New South Wales public schools, warning Scripture classes are disrupting the curriculum and forcing thousands of students to miss out on crucial learning time. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

New South Wales Religious Freedom

Gay conversion law would ban suppression of gender identity

The New South Wales Government’s plans to ban gay conversion therapy will be expanded to include making it illegal to change or suppress a person identifying as trans or gender diverse. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Gambling New South Wales

Independent MP’s push to fast-track gambling reforms

An independent New South Wales MP targeted by the gambling industry before the state election will attempt to fast-track cashless gambling into pubs and clubs ahead of a 12-month trial, insisting the evidence to back the technology already exists. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.