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China Persecution

Catholics in China suffering ‘intense persecution’

As was the case in the 1950s, when the communists came to power, Catholics in China are suffering “intense persecution”, according to Dr Steven Mosher, president of the United States-based Population Research Institute. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

Persecution United Nations

Holy See raises plight of people facing religious persecution

Addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Vatican representative at the UN has highlighted the ongoing plight of people being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Source: Vatican News.

Africa Persecution

Bishop shares plight of Christians in northern Nigeria

Christians are living “under bondage” in northern Nigeria, according to a local bishop in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, where the predominantly Muslim north meets the predominantly Christian south. Source: Crux.

Africa Persecution

Priests, laity describe violent attacks in Nigeria

A new Aid to the Church in Need report has detailed first-hand testimonies of Catholic faithful who have survived torture, kidnappings and massacres at the hands of Nigerian terrorists. Source: National Catholic Register.

Persecution Southeast Asia

Church leaders urge Myanmar military rulers to protect places of worship

The Church in Myanmar has urged the country’s military rulers to protect places of worship following a series of attacks by the army in Christian-majority areas of the civil war-torn southeast Asian nation. Source: UCA News.

Asia Persecution

Christian persecution at highest level in 30 years

The persecution of Christians is at its highest point in three decades, according to the latest report from international advocacy group Open Doors. Source: The Tablet.


More than 100 priests, sisters kidnapped, arrested or killed last year

At least 12 priests and five religious sisters were murdered during 2022 while carrying out their mission. Source: The Catholic Leader

Persecution United Kingdom

King hears testimony of persecuted Christians

Britain’s King Charles has met a priest who survived abduction and death threats in Nigeria, at an Advent gathering of Christian charities in London last week. Source: The Tablet.

Persecution Religious Freedom

Night of the Witnesses honours Christianity’s modern-day martyrs

Australia’s capital has joined a select list of cities that have hosted Night of the Witnesses, an Aid to the Church in Need initiative that honours Christianity’s modern-day martyrs and those persecuted because of their faith. Source: Catholic Voice.