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First Nations Politics

Bill to trigger Voice referendum introduced to Parliament

A bill that would trigger the referendum on whether to enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament in the Constitution was yesterday introduced into the lower house. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living Politics

Burke hints at minimum wage rise in line with inflation

Australia’s lowest-paid workers could soon be in line for a pay rise as the Albanese Government indicates it will back a push for the minimum wage to increase in line with inflation. Source:

Housing Politics

Housing fund fails to secure crossbench support

A Labor election promise aimed at addressing Australia’s housing crisis has suffered a major setback after the Albanese Government failed to secure crossbench support for the legislation. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

First Nations Politics

Voice referendum question and constitutional amendment announced 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced the proposed question Australians will be asked at this year’s referendum and the draft constitutional amendment that would enable an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Source: ABC News.

First Nations Politics

Labor and Coalition strike deal on management of Voice referendum

The Albanese Government has struck a deal with the Coalition on legislation setting out how this year’s planned referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will be managed. Source: ABC News.

Housing Politics

Albanese’s $10bn Housing Australia Future Fund at risk

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s signature $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund is facing defeat in the Senate amid a crossbench revolt fuelled by warnings from experts that not enough is being done to avert a “perfect storm” rental and housing crisis. Source: The Australian.

Politics Prayer

Council halts Christian prayer after legal warning

A Melbourne council has paused the use of a Christian prayer asking God to direct it after receiving a legal letter stating its inclusion in council processes was unlawful. Source: The Age.

First Nations Politics

Wyatt warns Albanese to change tack on the Voice

Ken Wyatt, a key adviser to the Government on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, has warned Anthony Albanese to change tack and spell out fundamental details on the advisory body as concerns mount the Yes campaign is “losing ground”. Source: The Australian. 

First Nations Politics

Albanese open to concessions on Voice to Parliament

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has flagged changing the draft constitutional amendment for a Voice to Parliament so it cannot make representations to executive government. Source: The Australian.