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Vatican, Lutheran officials call for joint study of Augsburg Confession

During an ecumenical prayer service, the Vatican’s chief ecumenist and the Lutheran World Federation’s general secretary formally called for a joint reflection on the Augsburg Confession, a fundamental statement of Lutheran faith. Source: NCR Online. 


Catholic-Orthodox dialogue looks at developments in synodality, primacy

Members of the international Catholic-Orthodox dialogue have agreed that shared responsibility and the exercise of authority as a service are both essential for the life and unity of the Church. Source: OSV News.

Ecumenism Saints

Pope includes Coptic Orthodox martyrs in Catholic compendium of saints

Pope Francis has inserted 21 Coptic Orthodox martyrs killed by ISIS into the Church’s formal martyrology, marking one of the rare occasions in which non-Catholics have been approved for veneration in the Catholic Church. Source: Crux.

Ecumenism Vatican

Catholics and Copts ‘united by the love of Christ’

Two popes sat side by side before a crowd of rain-soaked pilgrims in St Peter’s Square in Vatican City yesterday. Source: OSV News.

Ecumenism United Kingdom

Britain’s Catholics prepare for king’s upcoming coronation

When King Charles III is crowned on Saturday, it will be an opportunity to reaffirm Christianity’s place in public affairs, including the presence of Britain’s small but significant Catholic minority. Source: OSV News.

Ecumenism Youth

Faith communities, elders unite to help solve Alice Springs youth crisis

Faith communities in Alice Springs are working together with local elders to respond in practical and spiritual ways to the growing youth street crime crisis in the Central Australian city. Source: In The Word.

Africa Ecumenism Pope Francis

Pope leads ecumenical prayer service in South Sudan

In one of his final events in South Sudan, Pope Francis led an ecumenical prayer service with other Christian leaders on Saturday, stressing the need to join forces in promoting peace and addressing the country’s other crippling problems. Source: Crux.

Africa Ecumenism

Pope to visit South Sudan in February

Pope Francis’ postponed visit to South Sudan will go ahead in early February 2023, the Vatican has announced. Source: The Tablet.

Easter Ecumenism

Pope tells Patriarch Catholics ready for common Easter date

Meeting the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Pope Francis expressed his hope that Christians of the East and West could finally agree on a common date for celebrating Easter. Source: NCR Online.