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Art People

Rock stars commemorate bond between their ancestors and Jesuits

Emerging Ngadjuri artists Adam and Elley Warrior have painted one of two huge rocks at Sevenhill winery, in South Australia’s Clare Valley, to commemorate the deep bond between the Jesuits and their own ancestors. Source: Australian Jesuits. 


Catholic professionals told work ‘a mode of prayer’

Cabrini Health’s Natasha Michael has encouraged a group of 200 Catholic professionals to surround themselves with “greatness of mind, greatness of heart, greatness of spirit”. Source: Melbourne Catholic.


Fr Bob, the ‘larrikin priest’, dies aged 88

Parishioners and powerbrokers alike have paid tribute to Catholic priest, social justice campaigner and media personality Fr Bob Maguire, who died yesterday at the age of 88. Source: The Age.


Speed dating, Catholic-style, a new way to get together

Recent studies show that online dating is one of the most popular ways couples meet each other, but some single Catholics are growing disillusioned with the digital world and searching for — or creating — other options. Source: OSV News.


Trigger powers to 102 on the back of a Harley

Mercy Place Colac resident Les Trigg has achieved a lifelong dream by taking a ride on a Harley Davidson through the streets of the Victorian town. Source: Mercy Health.

Liturgy People

Life’s most important work begins for devoted Catholic after retirement

Paul Bennett may be well into retirement, but thanks to a scholarship from Australian Catholic University, his life’s most important work is about to begin.


Parish rallies to support helicopter crash survivor

Gold Coast helicopter crash victim Nicholas Tadros has received nearly $500,000 in support from a Sydney parish, on top of the prayers they’ve raised. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Priest with brain cancer remains fixed on mission

A young priest undergoing treatment for a rare brain cancer says he’s grateful for the prayers of the regional New South Wales diocese where he ministers. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Evangelisation People

Nuncio sees new opportunities to evangelise

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Charles Balvo is upbeat about the changing role of the Church after a week spent visiting the Brisbane Archdiocese. Source: The Catholic Leader.