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Anzac Day People

Anzac Day reminds priest of going to war on the big screen

When the opening credits roll on the 1981 Australian war drama Gallipoli, Adelaide priest Fr Mark Sexton is reminded of his time in the Australian Army. Source: The Southern Cross.


Why it was time for Sheridan to ‘come out’ as Christian in public life

Despite a long career in journalism, it has only been in the past several years that Greg Sheridan has chosen to become more vocal in his defence of Christianity. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

HIgher Education People

Susan Pascoe AM accepts Honorary Doctorate from ACU

Susan Pascoe has accepted an Honorary Doctorate from Australian Catholic University, conferred in recognition of her years of service in Australia and overseas in the fields of education, public administration, charity, religion, and community.

People Prayer

Oldest man in the world dies aged 114

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, who prayed the Rosary twice a day and was the confirmed oldest man in the world, died on Tuesday, just weeks before his 115th birthday. Source: CNA.


Faith, family and wine: Winery owner pours out her heart

A bottle of wine can tell a thousand stories and for Valerie Miranda from South Australia’s Barossa Valley, it’s a tale of faith and family. Source: The Southern Cross.

People Sport

AFL star combines faith, family and footy 

After coming so close to making the AFL Grand Final last year, Carlton midfielder Matthew Kennedy is committed to being part of his team’s effort to claim the 2024 premiership flag. But so, too, is he committed to his faith and family. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Peace People

We must always strive to find a peaceful course: Cosgrove

Sir Peter Cosgrove, one of Australia’s most celebrated and decorated Catholics, has pressed the need for a spirit of service to the Church and the broader community. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Sister hits half century but she’ll keep batting for justice

In her golden anniversary year as a Sister of Mercy, Meredith Evans is showing no signs of slowing down as she continues the work that earned her the title of 2024 Senior South Australian of the Year. Source: The Southern Cross.


Historian says Christianity’s seeds of failure and success are sown in every age 

Historian Geoffrey Blainey discussed some of the themes in his bestselling book A Short History of Christianity at a Melbourne parish last week. Source: Melbourne Catholic.