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Pro-life advocates outside Parliament House during a 2018 rally against the Queensland Labor Government’s abortion bill (The Catholic Leader/Alan Edgecomb)

A visiting American right-to-life campaigner has a strong message to share – there is an alternative to the “easy” solutions offered by the world.

Kay Painter, a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother has spoken at United Nations forums and at the White House and given her testimony in all forms of media. For the past month, she has been sharing her experience and wisdom with audiences in Australia and will be speaking at a Cherish Life Queensland event in Brisbane on October 22.

Ms Painter recounts how she fell into the trap of abortion, tripped into adultery and stumbled into divorce before recognising the welcoming hand of God.

She sought forgiveness, using her experience of abortion to inspire a movement which has guided the rest of her life.

She founded a group called Remembering SARA Ministries – the word SARA is an acronym for “Sharing Again and Supporting Another” and is also the name she gave to the unborn child she had aborted.

Cherish Life Queensland President Donna Purcell said in the four years since abortion was legalised in Queensland there had been a marked increase in abortions.

“We said in 2018 that abortions would increase, and they have,” Dr Purcell said. “There has been a very big increase in first trimester abortions since the law passed.”

Cherish Life claims the total number of abortions in Queensland including “medical” abortions caused by prescribed drugs increased by 58 per cent between 2018 and 2019.

Ms Painter will be speaking at a free event at St Ignatius Hall in Toowong at 2.30pm on Saturday, October 22. More details here.


Right-to-life campaigner has strong message to share (By Hannah Kennelly, The Catholic Leader)