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ACRATH is seeking-donations to continue operating beyond 2023 (ACRATH)

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans is seeking to ensure its future by launching an appeal to keep the organisation operating beyond 2023.

ACRATH is appealing to the community to donate money to the organisation as a Christmas gift this year. Without a major funding boost some of ACRATH’s critical programs will need to be wound up at the end of 2023. 

ACRATH national executive director Christine Carolan said that as Australians are expected to spend about $24 billion on Christmas this year, ACRATH is hoping some of that will be donated to the organisation. 

Ms Carolan said the demand for ACRATH’s services had increased and it was now costing more to deliver programs each year. ACRATH programs receive no government funding. 

“The needs of the community to respond to human trafficking and modern slavery are sadly greater than ever. We must do this work and we need people to work with us by donating to keep our programs going,” Ms Carolan said. 

The special appeal coincides with the planned launch of United Nations’ “16 days of activism” against gender-based violence campaign, which runs from November 25 to December 10. This campaign focuses on the needs of victims and survivors of human trafficking with calls to action and a range of free ACRATH resources to download. 


Modern slavery programs in jeopardy without urgent funds (ACRATH)