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The Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Supplied)

With the war in Ukraine now in its second year, the Ukrainian Catholic University has expressed its deep appreciation and gratitude for the support and solidarity it has received from the University of Notre Dame Australia.

Notre Dame recently donated $100,000 to the university in Lviv to help support its students, staff, and the wider community, which is facing significant humanitarian challenges.

In a letter thanking Notre Dame for its support, a spokesman for the university wrote: “In this challenging time for Ukraine, we need more than ever to feel that we are not alone in our struggle”.

The letter also provided an insight into some of the difficulties the university continues to face:

“Ukraine passed through a harsh winter, with daily missile strikes and loss of electrical power.

“Despite these hardships, the people of Ukraine remain steadfast in their faith, with deep conviction that truth will triumph over evil and the Light of God’s Grace will triumph over darkness.

“During these 12 months, the university has offered shelter and provided psychological assistance and support to thousands of displaced persons.”

In a statement, the UNDA said it “stands in solidarity with our colleagues and friends” in Ukraine.

“The partnership between UNDA and UCU has never been more important, with both sustaining the work of Ukrainian scholars, researchers and students, and to prepare for the eventual rebuilding of their nation.”


Notre Dame stands in solidarity with Ukraine (UNDA)