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Aged care workers in the Catholic sector will receive a wages boost from government funding (CHA website)

Catholic Health Australia’s aged care providers are committing to fully pass on the Commonwealth’s funding for pay rises to their staff.

The peak advocacy body for not-for-profit providers says the pledge to pass on all of the government money to wages sends an important signal that society values aged care workers.

The federal government has committed to fully funding a 15 per cent increase to award rates for aged care workers who provide direct care to residents, roughly 70 per cent of the total 320,000 aged care workforce.

But unions have raised concerns that some providers will refuse to fully pass on the money to workers who are paid above the award rate and instead use the cash for other purposes.

Catholic Health Australia providers are signing a pledge to ensure every cent of extra government money for wages goes into workers’ pockets.

The pledge reads: “We, as a responsible and supportive provider that values our aged care workers, proudly pledge that every additional dollar the federal Government gives us for this purpose will be used to pay for the increase to wages and associated on-costs.”

CHA CEO Pat Garcia said fully passing on the extra funding to hardworking staff is the right thing to do.

“We welcome the federal government’s commitment to fund a 15 per cent pay rise for aged care workers from 1 July, a decision made in the knowledge that wages are critical to attracting and retaining staff,” he said.

“CHA providers, many of whom are already paying above the award rate, will ensure their staff receive the increase in full.”


Catholic aged care providers sign up to pledge to pass on wages to staff (CHA)