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The Mission: One Heart Many Voices conference at SMC Conference and Function Centre, Sydney (Catholic Mission)

The Mission: One Heart Many Voices conference, hosted by Catholic Mission, began in Sydney yesterday, focusing on themes of truth-telling, reconciliation and synodality.

The day began with a powerful opening performance by the Sydney Catholic Schools Arts HQ Performance Ensemble, a work created for the event. Featuring new songs and fresh choreography, the students performed a 10-minute piece touching on subjects of togetherness, open-mindedness and inclusivity. 

“It offered another medium to connect with people. This way of communicating though dancing and singing was powerful,” said Peter Gates, deputy national director of Catholic Mission. 

The performance was followed by an immersive session where the participants were invited to witness the experiential truth-telling simulation of the Truth: from the heart. This experience offered a great opening to the conference by setting the path for listening with open hearts and minds. 

This session was followed by the presentation of Dean Parkin, Director of From the Heart, on the importance of truth telling and reconciliation by reflecting on the Uluru Statement and The Voice. 

“We gave it [the Uluru Statement] to you [the people] because that is where we put our belief and conviction,” Mr Parkin said.

The morning concluded with a discussion on the link between truth-telling, synodality and mission with theologian Dr Elissa Roper and Sandhurst Bishop Shane Mackinlay, who was vice-president of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia. The presenters offered insights and engaged in thoughtful discussions, igniting the hearts and minds of the attendees. 

In the afternoon, participants attended various breakout sessions, workshops and a conference Mass, organised in partnership with Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Sydney. 



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