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(The Southern Cross)

Described as an asset for school communities and families, the new charter for Catholic School Parents South Australia is providing the framework for parents and carers to feel empowered in their child’s journey in Catholic education. Source: The Southern Cross.

Launched earlier this year, the charter sets out guidelines aimed at promoting a positive partnership between parents and their Catholic school community.

“This resource provides the guidelines for the parents and carers to use, follow and feel confident in the journey,” said CSPSA executive officer Trish Jarvis.

“The aim of the charter is to highlight the expectations of each partner to ensure that there is a consistent message, and that the positive partnership ensures a responsibility to spiritual, educational and emotional development.

“The language used throughout the charter has been drafted to use positive, collaborative terms to promote the partnership nature.”

Ms Jarvis said as schools work in a “restorative space”, terms such as “rules” had been replaced by “expectations” in the document.

“Changing of these terms allows the understanding that parents will support and accept that children of all ages will make mistakes and schools will work alongside supportive parents to restore, forgive and help students learn from those experiences,” she said.

The charter was developed over a five-month period that included consultations with several groups and gathering resources from different dioceses around Australia.

Printed copies of the charter are available at Catholic schools throughout the state or in digital form on their websites, or at

PHOTO: Trish Jarvis, left, with Catholic school parents Katrina Woods and Paul Mensforth, who is also deputy principal at St Thomas School, Goodwood. Also pictured are Mr Mensforth’s son, William (Cabra Dominican College), and Grace Torella, a student at St Thomas.


Charter guides parents and carers (By Lindy McNamara, The Southern Cross