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The Greens secured an extra $1 billion for public and community housing to agree to the Housing Australia Future Fund bill (Bigstock)

The Greens and the Albanese Government have finally come to an agreement to get Labor’s cornerstone $10 billion housing policy through Parliament after months of protracted negotiations and delays. Source: The Age.

The Greens failed to secure an agreement to limit rent increases across the country, but party leader Adam Bandt said it had secured an extra $1 billion for public and community housing, which will secure its support for Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund bill.

He said that was on top of the $2 billion social housing accelerator to help jurisdictions build more affordable homes, announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in June.

Mr Bandt thanked the Government for finding the extra money and confirmed the party’s support for the Government’s bill to invest in extra housing supply.

Mr Albanese said he was pleased the Government’s Housing Australia Future Fund now has majority support in the upper house.

“[The housing fund] includes 30,000 additional social and affordable homes, including for women and children escaping domestic violence, including for veterans and including to fix up remote houses,” he said in question time.

The Prime Minister said the extra $1 billion announced yesterday would be invested in the National Housing Infrastructure Facility “to build more homes for Australians who need them”.

“I thank the crossbenchers in this chamber and in the other chamber for joining with the Labor government to make sure this is done,” he said.


Labor’s $10b housing fund secure after $1b Greens deal  (By Rachel Clun and Angus Thompson, The Age)