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South Australia’s largest private hospital, Calvary Adelaide Hospital, has cut carbon emissions equal to taking 521 passenger vehicles off the road in a year. 

Hospital general manager Tanya Brooks said the hospital has attained a net zero emission for the 2023 financial year and continued to take significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint. 

“Over the past 12 months, activity has surged with Calvary Adelaide Hospital seeing a record number of patients and significantly increasing surgery numbers, while our energy and resource consumption went down,” Ms Brooks said. 

“Calvary is committed to responsibly managing our precious resources now and into the future. It is wonderful our community, patients and staff are seeing the efforts of our innovative Corporate Services team.” 

The hospital’s net zero emissions rate is the result of minimising the carbon footprint through energy sourced from the grid. Additionally, water consumption has decreased 22 per cent per patient day compared to the previous year, and electricity usage has reduced 12 per cent per patient day over 12 months. 

Ms Brooks said Calvary’s approach demonstrated how making small changes, achieved big results. 

“We knew, as activity began to increase at Calvary Adelaide Hospital, we needed to be proactive and innovative when it came to managing our energy usage and waste,” Ms Brooks said. 

“Our wonderful staff have also led the way, especially our green team committee, which promoted responsible waste disposal practices. 

“We remain committed to advancing our environmental sustainability initiatives, and will continue to explore and implement innovative strategies to further reduce our energy consumption and enhance our waste recycling efforts.”


Calvary Adelaide Hospital attains net zero emissions (Calvary)