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Corpus Christi Community Greenvale and VMCH staff come together at the Greenvale site (VMCH)

Melbourne Archbishop Peter A Comensoli has formally endorsed the merger of two Catholic organisations as they unite to support older men at risk of homelessness. Source: VMCH.

In August, VMCH and Corpus Christi Community Greenvale (CCCG) announced their intention to merge, following a year of collaborating on the best way to secure the future of CCCG.

CCCG is a residential care home about 20kms north of Melbourne that provides accommodation and support for marginalised older men with a history of homelessness, complex health needs, or addiction. The community was founded by Mother Teresa in 1974 and then supported by the Jesuits and Sisters of Mercy under the auspices of the Melbourne Archdiocese.

VMCH chair Julien O’Connell and CCCG chair Tom Barry said the two organisations have a long history of working together, both guided by Catholic social teaching. 

“We share a common mission and values to deliver compassionate care for people in need, particularly the vulnerable and marginalised,” Mr O’Connell said. 

“VMCH’s fantastic reach and resources within the aged, disability and affordable housing and community services sectors will be an asset to CCCG residents.” 

Mr Barry said as Australia’s housing crisis grows, it is “important to ensure CCCG’s specialist work continues for those affected by homelessness and disadvantage and is strengthened within a highly experienced and well-resourced organisation”. 

The merger will bring the governance and operations of CCCG and VMCH together, whilst leveraging and retaining the unique strengths of each organisation.

A transition committee has been established, including members of the CCCG Board, management, and residents, along with VMCH representatives. 

The merger is expected to take full effect by the end of 2023.