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Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv (ACBC)

“It is in the interest of our health and our future to ensure that everyone’s wellbeing is safeguarded,” Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv said ahead of the 2024 Catholic Social Services Conference in Melbourne next month. 

“It is also in the interest of a better society and a better world that the human and social infrastructure of the “care economy” be prioritised more than profit and success.”

Under the theme, “Commons, Commonality, Common Good”, the February 21-23 event aims to bring together people of goodwill, particularly staff, leadership, volunteers in Catholic social services, health, education, parish communities, and individuals in faith and values-based organisations from across the country, and to inspire important conversations and positive action for the common good.

Bishop Long will open the conference, fostering thought and discussion on the topic, “What makes us human? What is essential to flourish?”

“I believe that what makes us human is the conviction that we are created in God’s image. As such, flourishing in the most profound sense entails communion with God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit,” Bishop Long said.

“At the conference, I’ll be exploring Pope Francis’ call to rebuild and revitalise the Church with a synodal vision rooted in unity in diversity, subsidiarity in solidarity and personal agency in communion that leads us to being a model society and an effective vehicle of the Good News for the disadvantaged, the planet and all of God’s creation.

“‘Addressing inequity and caring for the poor and vulnerable are not optional extras. We are only as strong as our weakest links.”

Monique Earsman, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Australia, said the conference presents an opportunity to unite, exchange ideas, and collaborate on practical solutions, addressing the challenges of high living costs and a demanding housing market. 


We are only as strong as our weakest links (CSSA and CSSV)