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Scott Morrison (Facebook/ScoMo)

Scott Morrison has urged Australians to reconnect with the Judaeo-Christian values that underpin the country’s successful representative democracy, warning the nation risked a loss of identity in the face of authoritarian challenges to Western civilisation. Source: The Australian. 

He has also warned against re-institutionalising the economy at a time that would leave the country vulnerable to global threats to Australia’s sovereignty.

The former prime minister and Member for Cook will today deliver his valedictory speech to Parliament after announcing his retirement from politics, will warn of the “drift of secularism” amid a rise of anti-Semitism and identity politics.

“Australia is arguably the most successful democracy in the world … It is the basis on which we stand up to autocracy and authoritarianism,” Mr Morrison told The Australian.

He said Australia stands on the “values that built our successful, free society”.

“All of these stem from the core principle of respect for individual human dignity, as does representative democracy and even a market-based capitalist economy. This is a uniquely Judaeo-Christian principle.”

Australia’s first openly evangelical Christian prime minister, Mr Morrison will today offer a reflection of his time as prime minister more than a defence of his legacy.

He will, however, back his government’s record on its economic and health response to the pandemic.

“One does not need to share my faith to appreciate the virtue of human rights, and nor am I suggesting that,” Mr Morrison said.

“But equally, we should be careful about diminishing the influence and voice of Judaeo-Christian faith in our Western society, as doing so risks our society drifting into a valueless void.

“It is about respecting each other’s human dignity through our creation, by God’s hand, in God’s image, for God’s glory, where each human life is eternally valued, is unique, is worthy, is loved and capable.”


Australia disconnecting from Judaeo-Christian values, Scott Morrison to warn in last speech (By Simon Benson, The Australian)