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Notre Dame University and Catholic Institute of Western Australia dignitaries at the signing of the strategic alliance in Fremantle yesterday (UNDA)

In a significant move for Catholic education in Western Australia, the University of Notre Dame Australia has announced a new strategic alliance with the Catholic Institute of Western Australia.

The alliance, which was formalised at a special ceremony in Fremantle yesterday, aims to enhance Catholic education in Western Australia by leveraging the strengths of both institutions in providing Catholic-based education and formation.

CIWA is a tertiary educational body set up by the bishops of Western Australia in 1975. It provides theological and religious education for educators, non-teaching professionals and leaders in Catholic schools. It also provides Catholic education units in state universities.

Notre Dame Chancellor Christopher Ellison said: “This alliance represents an important mission for Notre Dame and signifies our commitment to nurturing future generations of Catholic education leaders with a deep understanding and formation in Catholic faith and values.”

CIWA managing director John Topliss, said: “The partnership between Notre Dame University and The Catholic Institute of Western Australia facilitates both our Catholic Institutions to continue to provide for the students of today so that they may become the future Catholic teachers, leaders, and principals of our Catholic schools.”

Bishop Gerard Holohan, CIWA council chair, spoke at the ceremony on the history of Catholic education in Western Australia since the establishment of the Catholic Education Commission in 1971.

“The Strategic Alliance will combine resources and expertise, to greatly benefit Catholic education in Western Australia, focusing on undergraduate and postgraduate programs, leadership professional development and formation, and other key initiatives.”


 Notre Dame and the Catholic Institute of Western Australia announce historic partnership (UNDA and CIWA)