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Sydney Catholic Youth volunteers with residents of Mount St Joseph’s Home in Randwick (The Catholic Weekly)

In a society always in a hurry, a team from Sydney Catholic Youth has spent time bridging the generational divide to learn more about the beauty of taking things slow. Source: The Catholic Weekly. 

A dozen volunteers gave up a Saturday to spend time with residents at Mount St Joseph’s Home in Randwick, an aged care facility run by the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The outreach initiative, called “Hands of Mercy” was intended to encourage young people to perform a corporal act of mercy this Lent.  

It was an opportunity for young adults to spend time with elderly Catholics in the Archdiocese of Sydney, many who have limited contact with young people.

Youth Officer Anna Harrison said it was an enlightening opportunity to learn lessons from those who have a thing or two to share about navigating life.

“It was a great experience to learn about finding joy in simplicity. Coming from a generation which is all go, all the time, it was delightful to learn from these inspirational people the importance of pausing and being thankful for the little things,” Ms Harrison said. 

The Sydney Catholic Youth team was on hand to run bingo, prepare and serve afternoon tea, and tour the facility, speaking with residents from all walks of life.

The initiative, in its second year, was a chance for aged care residents to meet young people and engage in a meaningful and positive way, sharing a simple afternoon tea, and hearing stories from the residents and their invaluable life experiences.

“There is a positive experience that comes with intergenerational contact that enriches us all,” Ms Harrison said. 


‘Hands of Mercy’ joins together Catholic youth and elders (The Catholic Weekly)