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The new Norwegian translation of the Catholic Bible (CNA/Norwegian Bible Society)

A Norwegian bishop and monk has hailed the publication of Norway’s first official Bible for Catholics as a breakthrough. Source: National Catholic Register.

“The publication of a Bible presented and packaged as ‘The Catholic Canon’ by the Norwegian Bible Society is a major ecumenical event,” Bishop Erik Varden of Trondheim said.

“It invites us afresh to engage with the entirety of Scripture, to read each book as part of a whole, attentive to the symphony of voices that join in proclaiming a single, undying and saving Word. It is my hope that many Catholics will discover the immense fascination of the scriptural text, learning to love and revere it, letting their lives be renewed by it.”

Bishop Varden, 49, is a Trappist monk and spiritual writer. He was consecrated bishop of Trondheim, in central Norway, in 2020. 

Published on March 15, this Norwegian edition is notable not only for its inclusivity toward the Scandinavian nation’s Catholic minority, Catholic editor Heidi Haugros Øyma said. The project saw linguists and Scripture experts collaborating with poets and other literary authors, including Nobel laureate Jon Fosse.

The Bible is now available in both official written languages of the country, Bokmål and Nynorsk. 

“This is also a very important element in the re-evangelisation of Norway toward 2030 through Mission 2030, which EWTN Norway together with the Diocese of Trondheim are working on,” Pål Johannes Nes, co-founder of EWTN Norway, said.

“It is also a great joy for me to be able to read the Bible to my children in Norwegian,” he added.


Norwegian bishop celebrates Nordic country’s first Catholic Bible (By AC Wimmer, National Catholic Register)