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Bible China

Chinese Christian jailed for ‘illegally’ selling bibles

A court in China’s Inner Mongolia province has sentenced a Christian to five years imprisonment for alleged illegal sales of bibles on behalf of a house church not affiliated with a state-run body. Source: UCA News.

Bible Europe

Bishop celebrates Norway’s first Catholic Bible

A Norwegian bishop and monk has hailed the publication of Norway’s first official Bible for Catholics as a breakthrough. Source: National Catholic Register.


Three ways to experience the Word of God

The Word of God Sunday will be observed in Australia this weekend, creating an opportunity to reflect on what room Catholics make in their lives for the Bible. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Bible Media United States Youth

Nine-year-old podcaster creates ‘Kid’s Bible in a Year’

A nine-year-old boy from Michigan who wants to be a priest when he grows up has created a kids’ version of the popular “The Bible in A Year” podcast. Source: CNA.

Bible Pope Francis

Word of God is for all: Pope

Pope Francis celebrated a Mass marking Word of God Sunday, during which he conferred the ministry of lector on five women and two men and said the Gospel is intended primarily for the sick and far away. Source: Crux.


Sr Jane uses creative window to know the Bible

When graphic designer Sr Jane Maisey RSJ hears of a need into which she can pour her artistic talents, it is an invitation that she cannot turn down. Source: NZ Catholic.


Scripture scholars could ‘contribute a lot more’

Biblical scholars in Australia and New Zealand are hoping bishops will use their expertise more in considering issues in which the Church is engaged, as well as encouraging young people to take up biblical studies. Source: NZ Catholic.