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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the House of Representatives (ABC News)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has told Labor colleagues he won’t proceed with changes to discrimination law unless he gains Coalition support. Source: The Age.

Mr Albanese said during a Labor caucus meeting in Parliament House yesterday that he had told Peter Dutton he would only proceed if the Opposition leader could promise bipartisan support for the change.

The sudden move marks a retreat on Labor’s election pledge to update the law to protect the right of religious schools to practise their faith while also shielding teachers and students from discrimination on the basis of their sexuality.

Mr Dutton seized on the Government’s new stance, accusing Mr Albanese of trying to dump the election promise.

Without the changes, religious schools would retain the right under federal law to sack gay teachers and expel transgender students, although some states and territories have blocked them from doing so.

In a separate remark, Melbourne Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli, speaking for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said: “After years of contentious debate we hope that the Government and Opposition can agree to discuss religious freedom and to work with faith communities in a non-contentious way to see if a bipartisan agreement can be reached.”


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