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Anthony Albanese and Labor ministers march in the Canberra rally against domestic violence yesterday (Facebook/Anthony Albanese MP)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has told attendees at a march against domestic violence his government “must do better”, adding violence is “a problem of our entire society” and it requires men to change their behaviour. Source: ABC News.

Mr Albanese yesterday joined the Canberra edition of a series of walks around the country demanding an end to gender-based violence, walking with Minister for Finance and Women Katy Gallagher and Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth.

The PM had not planned to speak at the event, but stood up to do so after an event organiser pointed him out in the crowd and asked him to commit to specific policy actions, including issuing a legal declaration that family violence is a national emergency.

Mr Albanese told the crowd the national emergency declaration was a short-term legal avenue intended for use in natural disasters, but said family violence was a “national crisis”.

Told by one crowd member he needed to do more, he responded: “I know, I know. That’s why I’m here.

“I know that we all must do better. But I know this as well – that I’ve got to be honest. It’s not just the Government’s problem. It’s a problem of our entire society.”

Mr Albanese confirmed he had convened a meeting of state and territory leaders in a national cabinet on Wednesday to discuss further actions.

Earlier in the day, Ms Rishworth said the national domestic violence plan agreed by national cabinet in 2022 needed more time before its effects would be seen.

Ms Rishworth and Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus have both said the Government does not plan to set up a royal commission.

Instead, Ms Rishworth said, the Government believed it needed to “get on with the job” of implementing the national plan to end violence against women, agreed by national cabinet in 2022.


Anthony Albanese tells rally gendered violence is ‘a problem of our entire society’ (By Tom Crowley, ABC News)