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(Melbourne Catholic)

A new Melbourne-based collective will see creative Catholics gather together to inspire and encourage one another in their vocations as artists. Source: Melbourne Catholic. 

Under the banner of the Truth Goodness Beauty Project, the Benedetto Creatives Collective aims to gather creatives of all kinds – painters, photographers, graphic designers, writers, musicians and others.

The collective comes under the patronage of the late Pope Benedict XVI, who said that artists had the extraordinary talent of speaking “to the heart of humanity”.

At the collective’s “soft launch” in East Camberwell on April 17, Melbourne priest Fr Francis Denton gave a presentation on the importance of artists’ vocations. 

Fr Denton said “art has an extraordinary power to ‘evangelise’ and ‘nurture the faith’ of people, bringing ‘real solidity and concreteness to the Christian faith”.

Artists and creatives of all kinds should seek excellence in their crafts, Fr Denton said, for in excellence they glorify God.

“We have to return to this very basic idea of seeking the glory of God. The relevance of the Church, the whole mission of the Church, is first and foremost to give glory to God.”

Following the presentation, the group engaged in discussion about art, creativity and faith, the pressing needs of today and how to nurture a culture of collaboration among Melbourne’s Catholic creatives.

Fr Dean Mathieson, founder of the Truth Goodness Beauty Project, said there would be more opportunities for creatives of all kinds to be inspired and get involved.


‘Benedetto Creatives Collective’ gets ‘soft launch’ in Melbourne (Melbourne Catholic)