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Dr Rachael Kohn has been honoured by the Australian Catholic University for her broadcasting on faith issues (ACU)

Rachael Kohn, one of the most recognised voices on ABC Radio, is now the recipient of an honorary degree from Australian Catholic University.

Dr Kohn, respected religion journalist and long-time host of ABC Radio National’s The Spirit of Things, accepted a Doctor of the University at ACU’s graduation ceremony in Sydney yesterday.

“I was deeply honoured and elated to learn of the ACU’s intention to confer an honorary doctorate on me,” Dr Kohn said. “I was at home checking emails and of course this one contained a wonderful surprise.” 

The Canadian-Australian journalist and author, who started as a university academic in religious studies before commencing a 26-year-long broadcast career, is one of Australia’s leading religion reporters and speakers. 

ACU Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Zlatko Skrbis, said Dr Kohn was a worthy recipient of ACU’s highest honour. 

“Over the course of her career, Dr Kohn has encouraged serious, informed and non-partisan conversations about the faiths by which people live,” Professor Skrbis said. 

“In doing so, she has made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of the nation, and particularly to relations between people of different faiths. 

“During her broadcast career, Dr Kohn was also a fantastic supporter of our university, attending many faculty events as either a speaker or a guest. On behalf of ACU, I hereby congratulate Dr Kohn.” 


Esteemed religion journalist Rachael Kohn receives ACU’s highest honour (ACU)