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The former Green Shed facility will be known as Goodies Junction (Catholic Voice)

The St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra-Goulburn will take over the operations of a business that resells items otherwise destined for landfill. Source: Catholic Voice.

The “rescue and resell” facility will continue to operate in the way Canberrans “know and love” under the management of the society, according to the director of commercial operations Lindsay Rae.

The freshly rebranded Goodies Junction will be open from May 31 for donations only and for shopping from July 1 this year.

The facility will accept and sell reusable goods, cutting waste and helping local charities in the ACT.

A new website, launched this month, notes that Goodies Junction is dedicated to recovering as many resources as possible from landfill, which means accepting as many donations as possible.

The ACT Government chose the non-profit organisation as the preferred tenderer for the Mitchell and Mugga Lane recycling and reselling depots in a recent procurement process. Current operators Charlie Bigg-Wither and Sandie Parkes of the facility, formerly known as Green Shed, will hand over to the St Vincent de Paul Society on May 30.

Mr Rae said Vinnies was delighted to have been selected as the preferred supplier for the reusable facilities through a competitive and thorough tender process.

“As the largest charitable recycler in the ACT, Vinnies’ reputation for delivering high-quality reusable processing in Canberra is unmatched,” he said.

The shopping experience offered in the facilities will not replicate Vinnies shops.

“Items that cannot be sold at Vinnies shops will be moved to Goodies Junction, who will sell them at bargain basement prices to encourage a high level of reuse,” Mr Rae said.

“Along with helping source items for local charities, Goodies Junction will help to improve the supply of furniture and household item needs of the Society’s programs in Canberra. This will have a huge impact on the thousands of people that the Society assists every year.” 


Vinnies set to take over Canberra’s popular Green Shed (By Veronika Cox, Catholic Voice)