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Sr Carmel Jones RSJ and the cover of her e-book (Sisters of Saint Joseph)

In celebration of World Environment Day today, the Sisters of Saint Joseph have launched a new online educational resource, titled Window on Creation.

Written by Sr Carmel Jones RSJ, Window on Creation is for upper primary and secondary school staff and students. 

The e-book is an invitation to all who care about the environment and offers an opportunity to explore how to make a difference, right where we are.

Readers are invited to look at the world, as if out of a window, with St Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis, and Fr Julian Tenison Woods (co-founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph alongside St Mary MacKillop).

As a well-respected scientist, Fr Tenison Woods contributed greatly to Australian natural history. He found God in science and creation, not just in his religious duties as a priest. His concern for nature interconnected with his commitment to face the environmental and social challenges of his time.

“Seeing Fr Julian in this way renders him an ‘eco-hero’ for us in our time,” Sr Carmel said. “We see he is a person who realises that our concerns for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society and interior peace are all interconnected.

“I have tried to make this e-book a stand-alone resource so that most of the information is either contained within the words or through clicking on links. There are also reflective activities which can be completed alone or in a group.”

Sr Carmel said the resource would be useful for students and teachers, but would also appeal to anyone who is interested in Fr Tenison Woods and in the welfare of Earth. 

“Maybe this resource will help us towards harmony within ourselves, with each other and with all of creation.”

The e-book Window on Creation is available for reading and download here.


 Window on Creation book launch (Sisters of Saint Joseph)