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Alison Rahill and Moe Turaga received the commendations in Sydney on May 21 (Office of the NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner)

Two members of the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network team have received a joint commendation for their achievements at the inaugural NSW Anti-slavery Forum.

Modern slavery survivor and ACAN consultant Moe Turaga and ACAN Program Manager Alison Rahill received the NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner’s commendation for “modelling how survivors and allies can work together to promote responsible business practice”.

The commendations were announced by NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner Dr James Cockayne in Sydney on May 21.

The categories for the commendations align with Dr Cockayne’s strategic priorities to combat modern slavery. They specifically recognise people whose work is making a difference in the field. 

Mr Turaga and Ms Rahill were also commended for their achievements in “changing the narrative” around modern slavery. They both said they were honoured to receive the recognition.

“The ACAN team has supported me as a person with lived experience since I began telling my story,” Mr Turaga said. “Without the ACAN team’s care for me and for people in modern slavery, I don’t think we could have ever achieved this level of public recognition.” 

Ms Rahill said the recognition is “a testament to the great collaborative spirit we’ve built in our team and across the 50 Catholic organisations participating in the ACAN program”. 

“We are already halfway through the fifth year since commencing the ACAN risk management program and will soon have completed 154 Catholic Modern Slavery Statements since the commencement of the [Commonwealth] Modern Slavery Act 2018,” Ms Rahill said.

“This good work is only possible because of the commitment and compassion of every modern slavery liaison officer and working group member, driving continuous improvement in the way we address modern slavery risk in Catholic operations and supply chains.”


NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner Commendation for ACAN (ACAN)