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Yvette D’Ath (Facebook/Yvette D’Ath MP)

Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath is pushing to water down draft reforms to the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act, amid concern Labor does not want to be drawn into “a fight with the churches” before the state election. Source: The Guardian. 

The state government in 2023 committed in principle to implement all 122 recommendations from the Queensland Human Rights Commission’s 14-month review of the act, which has been largely unchanged since passed by the Goss government in 1991.

The most controversial change was a recommendation to scrap the so-called “genuine occupational requirement” clause that has enabled faith-based schools to discriminate against teachers based on their sexuality, pregnancy, relationship status and gender identity.

Church leaders last month criticised draft legislation as “a betrayal of all faith communities in Queensland”.

Ms D’Ath – with backing from senior figures at the Queensland Council of Unions – will bring a new proposal to state Cabinet today. 

Ms D’Ath’s plan would involve adopting changes that mimic the federal “respect at work” bill, including placing a positive duty on workplaces to prevent victimisation and harassment. 

The “genuine occupational requirement” clause and other controversial measures could remain in the legislation.

Sources say Ms D’Ath’s plan has the backing of the Queensland Council of Unions general secretary, Jacqueline King, and others within the labour movement.

A source said the party was “just not up for a fight with the churches so close to an election”.


Queensland Labor may water down proposed ban on faith-based schools discriminating against gay teachers (By Ben Smee, The Guardian)