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Nineteen cars and a school building were damaged when a truck drove through an intersection at Moorebank, Sydney, on Saturday (7News)

A truck has ploughed through 19 cars and into a southwest Sydney Catholic school classroom in a crash that miraculously only caused minor injuries. Source: Daily Telegraph.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church and School in Moorebank is full of students and parishioners seven days a week – but it was blessedly empty when a tip truck and trailer careened off Newbridge Road, through the fence, then the car park and into a classroom just after 1pm on Saturday.

NSW Police have since charged the driver for the alleged possession of illegal drugs.

The parish priest said only a short time earlier the church had been hosting a baptism with a large family in attendance.

Liverpool City Police Area Command’s Acting Inspector Shaun Colls said it was extraordinary no-one was seriously injured in the crash involving more than a dozen people.

It is understood three people were being treated in hospital for minor injuries, while others were assessed at the scene by paramedics.

St Joseph’s priest Fr Chris De Sousa said it was miraculous all involved had escaped significant injury.

“Thanks be to God, a real miracle, the car park was full of cars earlier,” Fr De Sousa said.

“It happened at a time where a few people were just coming into the church to pray, and thank goodness it wasn’t during a school week with the students here or during mass – we constantly have people coming in here to pray.”

Fr De Sousa said the building outside the classroom would need a full structural assessment.


Truck destroys classroom in 19-car collision at notorious Sydney spot (By Eliza Barr, The Daily Telegraph)

Truck destroys classroom in 19-car collision at notorious Sydney spot, driver charged with drug possession (The Daily Telegraph)


Truck destroys classroom in 19-car collision at notorious Sydney spot (The Australian)