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Asia Interfaith

Indonesian Catholic church hosts Muslims’ Eid prayer

A century-old Catholic church in Indonesia allowed Muslims to conduct Eid prayers on its premises on Wednesday, saying such moves could help build brotherhood in the Muslim-majority nation. Source: UCA News.

Interfaith Peace Pope Francis

Pope tells religious leaders to counter war rhetoric with focus on peace

In a world filled with “bellicose rhetoric”, religious leaders must make extra efforts to speak of peace and to nurture every action and attitude that lessens tensions and increases dialogue, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: NCR Online.


Vatican’s Ramadan message a call to work together for world peace

The Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue has released its annual message for the Islamic month of Ramadan, urging all religious believers to extinguish “the fires of hatred, violence and war, and instead light the gentle candle of peace”. Source: Vatican News.


Vatican sponsors interfaith dialogue conference for ‘wisdom traditions’ 

As the Vatican walks a fine diplomatic line in its ongoing engagement with China, it has sponsored conferences in Taiwan and Hong Kong to further interfaith dialogue with both Confucianism and Taoism. Source: Crux.

Interfaith Pope Francis

Pope marks five years since signing document on human fraternity

Dialogue, solidarity and recognising each other as brothers and sisters are key to defeating “the dark shadows of injustice, hatred and war”, Pope Francis said on Sunday. Source: CNS.

Interfaith Pope Francis

Pope condemns antisemitism as a sin

In a letter addressed to “my Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel”, Pope Francis expressed his heartbreak at the violence unleashed by the Hamas attack on Israel in October and repeated the Church’s condemnation of all forms of antisemitism and anti-Judaism. Source: CNS.

Interfaith Memorial

Hundreds attend Christmas interfaith remembrance service

Hundreds of people took part in the 10th annual Christmas Interfaith Remembrance Service hosted by Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday. Source: The Catholic Weekly. 

Interfaith Peace

Faiths unite for peace in Holy Land

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has called on people of all faiths to unite in a shared commitment to promoting peace in a world struggling with the horrors of war, especially in the Holy Land. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Religious and political leaders break bread at interfaith breakfast

Australia’s political and religious leaders have broken bread inside Parliament House for the seventh ACU Interfaith Parliamentary Breakfast. Source: Australian Catholic University.