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Religious and political leaders break bread at interfaith breakfast

Australia’s political and religious leaders have broken bread inside Parliament House for the seventh ACU Interfaith Parliamentary Breakfast. Source: Australian Catholic University.


Interfaith gathering an ‘opportunity to live out Pope’s teaching’

More than 6000 people representing scores of religions and belief systems are expected to convene in Chicago this week for what organisers bill as the world’s largest gathering of interfaith leaders. Source: NCR Online.

Interfaith Southeast Asia

Indonesia’s top court issues circular against interfaith marriage

Indonesia’s top court has issued a circular requesting courts not approve interfaith marriages, which contradicts the court’s 1986 ruling which makes interfaith marriages legal in the Muslim-majority nation. Source: UCA News.

Interfaith Pope Francis

Pope Francis condemns burning of Koran

Pope Francis said the burning of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, has made him angry and disgusted and that he condemned and rejected permitting the act as a form of freedom of speech. Source: Sight Magazine.

History In The Dioceses Interfaith

Queensland Holocaust museum to open in partnership with Brisbane Archdiocese

Queensland’s first Holocaust museum, in the heart of Brisbane’s Catholic cathedral precinct, was officially unveiled on Friday. Source: Brisbane Archdiocese.


Religious leaders recommit to interfaith harmony 

Senior religious representatives in South Australia have recommitted to interfaith harmony at four meetings hosted by the Adelaide Archdiocese. Source: The Southern Cross.


Interfaith Iftar dinner promotes culture of encounter

More than 100 leaders from across many faith communities gathered recently with politicians, members of educational institutions, charity groups and grass-roots organisations for the annual Interfaith Iftar dinner co-hosted by the Diocese of Parramatta and the Columban Centre for Muslim-Christian Relations. Source: Catholic Outlook.


Jewish community says bishops’ document ‘reflects true friendship’

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council has congratulated the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on its new publication, Walking Together: Catholics with Jews in the Australian Context.


New document highlights Catholics, Jews ‘walking together’

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has launched a new document to highlight Christianity’s unique relationship with Judaism and to celebrate the positive relationship the two faiths enjoy in Australia. Source: ACBC Media Blog.