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Gun Violence United States

Cardinal asks Americans to forgo right to bear arms

Amid a mounting debate in the US over gun control, Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark has entered the fray with a different argument: That people should voluntarily forgo their Second Amendment right to bear arms, for the betterment of society. Source: Crux.

Gun Violence United States

Chicago parish collects 166 weapons in gun buyback event 

In an attempt to prevent gun violence and “build a culture of peace”, a large Catholic parish in the Chicago Archdiocese collected 166 guns at a drive-through gun buyback event. Source: NCR Online.

Gun Violence United States

Dallas bishop calls for end to violence after mass shooting

Dallas Bishop Edward Burns addressed the faithful of his diocese “with a heavy heart” on Saturday after at least eight people, including a child, were killed during a mass shooting that afternoon at a shopping centre in Allen, Texas. Source: OSV News.

Gun Violence United States

Nashville bishop offers prayers for victims of school shooting

Leaders of the Nashville Diocese expressed sadness and shock over a school shooting at a Christian primary school in the Tennessee capital, while offering prayers for the victims, their families and the entire school community. Source: Crux.