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Finance Vatican

Vatican Bank reports increased profit, recovery of stolen funds

The Institute for the Works of Religion, often referred to as the Vatican Bank, made a net profit of 29.6 million euros (about $A47.5 million) in 2022, a 63 per cent increase from the profit reported in the previous year (18.1 million euros), according to its annual report. Source: NCR Online.

Budget Finance

Chalmers taps banks and super to fix social disadvantage

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers is working on plans to attract banks and superannuation funds to set up a social impact investing fund in the May Budget to tackle “entrenched disadvantage”. Source: Australian Financial Review.

Charity Finance

Vinnies welcomes new protections for vulnerable consumers

The St Vincent de Paul Society has welcomed the Senate’s passage of reforms to protect consumers from spiralling debt through payday loans and consumer leases.

Finance Vatican

Vatican offers guidelines for ethical investing

No investment of money is morally neutral; “either God’s kingdom is being advanced by the assets we deploy, or it is being neglected and undermined”, said a new Vatican document. Source: Franciscan Media.