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Concerns about anti-Semitism raised at Holocaust remembrance service 

Adelaide’s religious and community leaders used the annual Remembrance of the Shoah service in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral to raise concerns about increasing anti-Semitism while warning of the dangers of staying silent. Source: The Southern Cross.


Whatever the faith, consultation a sign of good leadership

What does leadership look like in a Catholic, Jewish, Anglican or Buddhist community? What are the differences and similarities? Those questions were answered at the Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Council’s first interfaith dialogue event. Source: MNnews.Today.


Interfaith event opens the door to ‘our common home’

The idea that people of faith have a shared responsibility to protect “our common home” was the theme of this year’s Abraham Day event hosted by the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle. Source: The eRecord.


Interfaith dialogue ‘a priority for world peace’

Interfaith dialogue is of the utmost priority for world peace, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said before leaving Vienna to take part in the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue this week. Source: The Tablet.

Interfaith Peace

Religious leaders join Pope in appeal for peace

Standing in front of an ancient symbol of violent battles, Pope Francis and global religious leaders echoed “the cry for peace” of people suffering the impact of conflicts around the world. Source: CNS.


Interfaith encounters give students life lessons

Catholic Mission’s Interfaith Encounters program brings together senior students from diverse faith backgrounds to learn from each other, celebrate their differences and discover similarities. Source: Catholic Mission

Interfaith Pope Francis

Francis to join interfaith prayer for peace at Colosseum

Pope Francis will join other religious leaders at a prayer service for peace at Rome’s Colosseum later this month, the Vatican confirmed. Source: CNA