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Human Rights Sport

Church leaders raise concerns about human rights in Qatar

European Church leaders have urged awareness of human rights issues during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, amid continued criticism that the Gulf state was allowed to host the tournament. Source: Crux.


Vatican joins Olympic committee’s appeal for peace

Three Vatican dicasteries have supported an appeal by the International Olympic Committee urging world leaders to “seek just and peaceful solutions to all disputes and conflicts”. Source: Crux.

Sport World

Irish player calls on FA to tackle anti-Catholic abuse

An Irish professional soccer player is calling for action from the sport’s governing authority in England after he received racist and anti-Catholic abuse during a match in Sunderland. Source: Crux.


All-schools competition kicks off next year

Athletes from public, private and Catholic secondary schools will compete against each other for the first time next year, at an event tipped to draw huge numbers. Source: Bendigo News.