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Lent Pope Francis Priesthood

Pope Francis gives seminarians new Lenten goals

Pope Francis says Catholics – and especially seminarians – should this Lent rediscover the joy of simplicity, pay less attention to their appearance than to their prayer lives and make a special effort to get along with everyone they live with. Source: OSV News.

Lent Pope Francis

In a social media era, make private time for God: Pope

Pope Francis opened the Lenten season with a procession and Mass on Ash Wednesday yesterday, telling Catholics to carve out a silent space for God amid the buzz of the digital era in which little remains private. Source: Crux.

Books Lent Pope Francis

New book helps people explore Pope’s teaching on belonging

A new book guides people through an eight-day Ignatian retreat, but also provides insights into the spirituality, theology and pastoral practices of Pope Francis, according to its author, papal biographer Austen Ivereigh. Source: CNS.

Lent Pope Francis

Pope challenges the faithful to seek to change the world this Lent

Lent is a time to free oneself from slavery and take action to free others suffering from the multiple forms of slavery that afflict the world, Pope Francis has said in his Lenten message for 2024. Source: CNS.

Lent Pope Francis

Pope released from hospital, presides at Palm Sunday Mass

The unborn, migrants, the elderly and the disabled are “living icons” of Jesus that call Christians to draw close to those who feel abandoned just as Christ did on the cross, Pope Francis said on Palm Sunday. Source: CNS.

Charity Lent

Project Compassion helping those hit by war, crises and disasters

One of the longest-running charity campaigns in the nation, Caritas Australia’s annual Project Compassion Lenten appeal, has helped support hundreds of thousands of people hit by humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters in the last year.

Lent Synod

Lenten prayer resources published for Synod of Bishops

People following global progress towards the two assemblies of the Synod of Bishops for a Synodal Church are being invited to participate in Lenten prayers to support the ongoing journey. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

Appeal Lent

Caritas launches annual Lenten appeal

Caritas Australia will today – Ash Wednesday – launch its annual Lenten fundraising and awareness appeal, Project Compassion.


Francis finds similarities between Lenten and synodal journeys

In his annual message for Lent, Pope Francis highlights the relationship between the Lenten journey and the synodal journey, which he says are both rooted in tradition and open to newness. Source: Vatican News.