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Books Theology

New Australian book ponders theology of the Holy Spirit

Australian theologians Dr Kevin Wagner and Dr Peter McGregor are eager to share the ideas of 20 contributors who have been pondering the theology of the Holy Spirit in their new book – Pneumatology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Books Lent Pope Francis

New book helps people explore Pope’s teaching on belonging

A new book guides people through an eight-day Ignatian retreat, but also provides insights into the spirituality, theology and pastoral practices of Pope Francis, according to its author, papal biographer Austen Ivereigh. Source: CNS.

Bishops Books

Archbishop Emeritus inspired by ‘the most beautiful part of the world’

Perth Archbishop Emeritus Barry Hickey has released his memoirs, the title of which was inspired by his continuing connection with Western Australia’s Goldfields region. Source: The eRecord. 

Books Spirituality

Abbot rejects ’emergency’ talk in favour of language of grace

Prominent Benedictine monk Abbot Christopher Jamison was in Sydney recently to explore some of the themes of his new book about grace and language, and how the two play a key role in public and private discourse today. Source: The Good Oil.

Books Diplomacy

Australia’s 50-year relationship with Holy See brought to book

A new book from the Australian embassy to the Holy See remembers the ups and downs of Australia’s relationship with the Holy See on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Books Pope Francis

Pope warns against idolatry camouflaged as sacred

Christian life is a battle each person must fight against the temptation to be self-sufficient and against a paganism disguised as sacredness, Pope Francis wrote in an introduction to a small book distributed to participants at the Synod on Synodality. Source: CNS.

Books People

Dorothy Day’s life shows evangelising power of charity, witness, love: Pope

Dorothy Day was “a great witness to faith, hope and charity in the 20th century”, a woman who loved the Church despite the flaws of its members and who knew that serving God meant serving the poor and working for justice, Pope Francis has written. Source: NCR Online.

Books People

School changing the face of Tanzania gets booked 

After working at a school for underprivileged children in Tanzania for almost six years, Madeleine Kelly has returned to Adelaide, grateful for the life-changing experience and armed with her first published book. Source: The Southern Cross.


Street poet says prayer the lynchpin of his creative life 

Sydney street poet David Marsh has launched his seventh book, a memoir titled Redemption at Work: My life story, at St Canice’s Church in Elizabeth Bay. Source: The Catholic Weekly.