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Singapore roundtable calls for more studies on Catholicism in Asia

Academic scholars have stressed the need for more focus and efforts on studies on richness and diversity of Catholicism in Asia, which they say remain largely underdeveloped. Source: UCA News.


Thousands of Armenian Christians flee homes

Thousands of Armenian Christians fled their ancestral homeland in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh over the weekend and more are expected, the Armenian Government confirmed. Source: CNA.


Japanese bishops’ call for honesty over 1923 massacre of Koreans

Korea’s Catholic bishops have welcomed a statement from Japan’s bishops calling on the Japanese Government to accept responsibility for the 1923 Kanto Massacre and uncover the truth behind it. Source: The Tablet.

Asia Synodality

Church leaders discuss synodal formation in Asia

Clergy, religious and lay leaders from across Asia have joined a consultation meeting in Thailand on synodal formation to achieve a synodal Church. Source: UCA News.

Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

Pope encountered ‘a humble and joyful Church’ in Mongolia

Pope Francis said he knows people wonder why he travelled close to 10,000 kilometres to Mongolia to visit a Catholic community of only 1450 people. Source: NCR Online.

Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

Mongolia offers chance to embrace silence: Pope

Pope Francis has departed Rome aboard the papal plane to begin his apostolic journey to Mongolia, telling journalists travelling with him that the Asian nation can teach people to embrace silence. Source: Vatican News.


Church renews calls for peace in Myanmar

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo has renewed the Church’s call for peace in Myanmar during the installation of a new bishop in the civil war-hit Southeast Asian nation where armed rebels, including Christians, are fighting against the ruling military. Source: UCA News.

Asia Opinion

Catholicism in Asia becoming ‘increasingly significant’ 

The Church in Europe, Latin America and Africa tends to dominate coverage of global Catholicism. However, Catholicism in Asia is no less noteworthy and will become increasingly significant in the decades to come, writes Daniel Ang. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Asia Peace

Cardinal Zen among Hong Kong nominees for Nobel Peace Prize

Cardinal Joseph Zen is among six people nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for championing human rights in Hong Kong. Source: The Tablet.