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Peace Science

Pope to focus on AI in World Peace Day message

Signalling the Vatican’s growing engagement in efforts to ensure the ethical development of new technologies, the Vatican has announced that “Artificial Intelligence and Peace” will be the theme for the next World Day of Peace. Source: NCR Online.

Peace United States Vatican

Repatriating Ukrainian children papal envoy’s top priority in meeting with Biden

The top priority for Pope Francis’ peace envoy in his meeting with President Joe Biden was the repatriation of children forcibly deported from Ukraine to Russia, the papal nuncio to the US said. Source: NCR Online.

Peace Vatican

Vatican diplomat says Pope ‘stubbornly believes in peace’

Vatican diplomat Archbishop Paul Gallagher last week defended what he described as Pope Francis’ “strong and courageous” push for peace in Ukraine in the face of criticism from some who have said the Holy Father should take a harder line against Russia as the aggressor in the conflict. Source: National Catholic Register.

Peace United States Vatican

Cardinal Zuppi to meet President Biden to discuss Ukraine

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, the Italian prelate tasked by Pope Francis to head a peace mission between Ukraine and Russia, is in the United States this week to discuss the conflict. Source: CNA.

Peace Vatican

Pope, political leaders and Nobel laureates call for peace and solidarity

Pope Francis has called on all warring peoples to recognise fraternity as a “light that stops the night of conflicts”. Source: CNS.

Peace Ukraine

Pope’s personal emissary heads to Ukraine in pursuit of ‘just peace’

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Pope Francis’ personal emissary tapped to lead the Vatican’s peacemaking efforts between Ukraine and Russia, is this week making a two-day visit to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Source: NCR Online.

Peace Ukraine

Vatican says Russia and Ukraine aware of peace mission

The Vatican has insisted that Russia and Ukraine know of its efforts to negotiate a ceasefire, after the warring parties denied any knowledge of a peace mission. Source: The Tablet.


Christian leaders appeal for peace in Papua

In a rare gesture, Catholic and Protestant leaders in Papua have come together to appeal to Indonesian President Joko Widodo to stop military operations in the crisis-hit province following the latest move to implement a “combat alert operation”. Source: UCA News.


Pope prays that Good Friday Agreement continues to inspire peace

In his Regina Coeli address the day after Easter, Pope Francis commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement, praying that the deal which brought decades of violence in Northern Ireland to an end would continue to inspire peace. Source: Crux.