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First Nations Politics

Support for Voice slips as voters await more detail

Australians’ support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament has fallen from 53 to 47 per cent after a political row over how it would work, putting the proposal in danger of defeat at a referendum. Source: The Age.


Catholic schools boss, former PM among Senate possibilities

Former Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger has called for the return of Tony Abbott to Parliament through the New South Wales Senate vacancy, while Catholic Schools NSW chief Dallas McInerney is also being touted for the job. Source: The Australian.

Politics Welfare

Chalmers still open to boost in Jobseeker rate

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has not ruled out raising the JobSeeker rate after key members of a committee reviewing the welfare payment backed its increase. Source: The Australian.

Politics Social Justice

Victoria could ‘move first’ to raise age of criminal responsibility

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has signalled his willingness to raise the age of criminal responsibility if national action is lacking, as the Greens use their newfound influence to pressure Labor to reform the state’s youth justice system. Source: The Age.

First Nations Politics

Voice can ‘evolve and adapt’ without set model

The Albanese Government’s decision to not put a set model to the public for the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum will mean future governments can change the way the new body operates, legal experts say. Source: The Australian.

First Nations Politics

Detail on Voice to Parliament to be released before referendum: Burney

Further details about what an Indigenous Voice to Parliament would look like and how it would affect communities will be released before the referendum. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Indigenous Politics

Nationals to oppose Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s hopes of securing bipartisan support for a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament have been dashed after the Nationals said they would oppose the proposal in a referendum. Source: The Australian.

Euthanasia Politics

Coalition pushes for amendments to territory rights bill

The Coalition is trying to amend a bill allowing the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory to make euthanasia legal so safeguards are in place should the territories win the ability to end people’s lives. Source: The Australian.

Euthanasia Politics

Date set for territory rights vote

A late-night sitting of the Senate is set to resolve the 25-year fight to restore the rights of the ACT and Northern Territory to legislate on euthanasia. Source: Canberra Times.